Metal Underground

 What is this site about and what does the name of it mean?


photo credit: adobe via photopin (license)

photo credit: adobe via photopin (license)

Ever hear the phrase “3 Feet From Gold“?


It’s about gold miners that gave up digging when they were only 3 feet away from finding a vein of gold.


They tried and tried but just before they got to that “metal underground” (get it now?) they grew tired and gave up.



This happens all the time with small business owners. Just before success really takes hold and their business takes off they give up.


Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes you have to throw in the towel. Maybe your product or service isn’t in great demand. Maybe you are just not good at running and managing a business. Who knows.


But all things being equal, many small businesses close the doors because they simply give up just before that “tipping point“.


OK that does that have to do with you?


Well I want to write about how to avoid this.


I think that for the most part this happens because of lack of marketing. The old if they don’t know you they can’t do business with you.


So on this site I am going to write about my experiences and resources that I use to help to market my business to find that gold.


Things like what is use to manage my Social Media and what Printing Company I use for my Direct Mail campaigns.


I’m constantly studying and researching new ways to market online and offline and I hope that this site will become a vauable resource for you.


A site that you visit often for ideas and tips on how to best market your business and find that metal underground.


So thanks for stopping by, head on over to the blog, and enjoy your stay here.